The Pressure Women put on Each other!

7 Feb

I’m in no doubt whatsoever that  women put pressure  on other women (whether knowingly or unknowingly) to become fitter, thinner and lighter and to become more ‘commercially beautiful’.  It is very sad that there are women out there who focus so keenly on these things. I have a number of reasons for stating this and one is about personal experience.

My Facebook news feed is bombarded each day with posts by women and for women, which include  pictures of extremely toned female bodies (perhaps even to an un-natural extent) in extremely revealing underwear and sometimes in provocative positions accompanied with slogans such as:

“the best exercise is walking.. Walking away from the kitchen”

“When your struggling, imagine your dream body”

“Dare to be great”

Whilst some of these statements “should” be interpreted in a positive way, their true meanings can easily be lost. By seeing the popularity of such pictures being ‘shared’ around the social networking site I am sad to say that perhaps women are objectifying themselves. In fact, for the less insightful women or for many young girls who are exposed to such slogans and pictures on a daily basis may in fact comprehend that the only way to be ”great” is to look liker the person in the picture.  What is very worrying is the fact that there are so many image conscious people out there . Even more horrifying  is that those who suffer from illness’ such as anorexia  are also exposed to such slogans “walk away from the kitchen”.

As a society we have failed again and even within our sisterhood we have failed each other. How can such young, intelligent and naturally beautiful women be shifting their focus onto their bodies in such a way and to SHARE this focus! Surely, the majority of women know that the only way to true health and beauty is by eating a balanced diet and having regular exercise. We are not machines, we are people!

On a second note: Commercial or artificial beauty: For many years in the U.K, women and now even men have been using fake tans (orange dirt as my partner calls it) that you rub or spray all over your body to give you a tanned look. Extensions, bleaching of hair, gel nails, fake eyelashes and branded make up are to name a few. In my opinion there is no harm in using some things in moderation but there are women out there who use in excess and they believe that their only way to beauty is through these commercial products! how sad…


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